Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Princess Day!

I am sooo excited... Michael and I are taking his three beautiful nieces (Katie 3, Alex 6, and Samantha 6) out for a "Princess Day" of beauty, fun and specialness!

We are taking the girls to only the coolest place in LA... Spa Di Da!

Spa Di Da is a kids spa that specializes in making girls and boys as magnificent as ever!

Here's what we're spoiling the girls with:

Start with a flower petal soak, manicure & hand massage with our juicy nectarine lotion, and finish it off with a sparkly polish of your choice.
(Includes 1 “Topping” Per Hand)

Thin Mint PediGirl
This pedicure inspired by the most enduring and universally familar Girl Scount cookie. Start with a dark chocolate dipped, mint chocolate fizzy foot soak. Then, after you've been cleaned and buffed, enjoy a relaxing foot rub with an organic, mint cholocate lotion as you snack on your very own delightbuful box of Thin Mint cookies. Top your pedi off with the non-toxic polish & sparkly top coat of your choice. (Includes 1 Topping per Foot)

Airbrush Tattoos of their choice

Makeup “Touch Up ”Dab of lip gloss, swipe of cheek gel, splash of sparkle and a touch of perfume.

We'll post pictures after their appointment next Saturday!

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