Sunday, March 8, 2009

Makeover Disaster

Since a lot of change is going to be taking place in my life within the next few weeks (quitting full-time job, taking on a part-time gig, focusing on school, etc) Michael was kind enough to give me a Makeover Day! Even though I've lived in LA for over two years now, I haven't been fully able to shed the Seattle casual image. That being the a little scruffy, not very much makeup, jeans and a t-shirt look. Makeover Day was intended to bring out a little bit more sexy, classy... a little more LA.

The day started out at A.T.Tramp (a popular salon in Beverly Hills). I went to Michael's stylist, Robert, and got a great cut! I even added some very cute bangs. Since Michael's known me, I've pretty much had variations of the same cut and color scheme, so I asked for something different to make it a real makeover. The color ended up really pretty, however, I still looked exactly the same. When I left I felt classy and pretty, but not much different.

Next stop was lunch with Michael and then off to Bare Escentuals. I had my makeup done and the makeup artist was kind enough to teach me how to do what she was doing. I stocked up a few great kits and left feeling like a million bucks!

Here's where things start to take a bad turn... A.T. Tramp was able to get me in last minute for color, but because it was so busy when my color was finished an assistant dried my hair. And, she did a terrible job. Robert's beautiful haircut and my new color job just looked kind of bleak. So, when I left I felt a bit unsettled that Michael had wanted to give me a new look and I left looking exactly the same. Later in the afternoon, I decided to go to my regular salon, Jersy's, for a blowdry that was intended to show off my pretty new haircut and color. This is where things go terribly wrong. Four and a half hours later I walk out of the salon with tears streaming down my cheeks.

After hundreds (and, I mean hundreds) of dollars wasted, I look like a cross between Jane Jetson and Pebbles Flinstone. My hair is ORANGE. :( I should have just left my hair as it was, it at least looked classy.

SOLUTION: Try to fix it today, before the work week. *tears*

LESSON: To be more grateful.

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